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PRLRC Members Only!

Members in good standing are invited to list their litters.  Please complete the Litter Listing Request Form below & submit it with payment.   Each litter is to be listed and paid for seperatley.   If you have adult Labradors to place they may be grouped in one submission/payment.   Listings will be active for up to 2 months (extensions available upon request) - please advise when the puppies are spoken for so the listing can be removed.   


Payment for is due for each litter listed.  $50.00 each if you have worked at a PRLRC event within the last 12 months, and $75.00 if you have not.   Please list the event you worked it, if you are paying $50.00 per litter in the form below.

Litter Listing

 Volunteering Member

(list event worked in listing request)

PayPay Payment


+ processing fee $2.00


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Litter Listing

non-volunteering member

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+ processing fee $3.00


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PRLRC Litter Listing Request


PRLRC Member - please complete the attached information about your litter  - & submit payment below

Color of puppies expected

Thanks for submitting!

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